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This is the story of me, a girl who grew up Christian, or rather, ‘on fire for God’ and always had questions.  Those questions led me to explore more about myself and how my beliefs shaped the relationships with those around me.  As it turns out, I’m gay, and that doesn’t fit too neatly into a Southern Baptist household in North Carolina, or really any of the churches I grew up in.

So I read Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Lauren F. Winner.  I questioned my pastor like he was under a lie detector test, god bless him.  And I left the church.  I looked back once in college and that didn’t work out too well for me so I haven’t gone back since.

Now I’m married to the beautiful love of my life.  I have a successful career and a bigger family soon.  But I’m still caught between the parts of me that I can’t seem to unify.  Those feelings of deep connection I once had with the church, and the full life I am now able to live by accepting all of me, and expecting that those who want a part in my life do too.

So this blog contains my thoughts, my ramblings, my experiences, and those stirrings that come up every now and then.  Feel free to go along with me.

Revisiting the Bible

Growing up it was read to me, interpreted for me, and then I started to interpret it myself, but didn’t stick around long enough to delve into all of it.  The Bible.  It’s a daunting book but I’m hoping I can take it one day at a time.

I’m going to dig back into the book that’s been handed down to me.

Below is a listing f the posts so far, hyperlinked.

Post 1: Genesis 1-11

Post 2: The rest of what I got out of Genesis

Post 3: Job




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